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Capsa Healthcare’s Canada business supplies the industry’s most complete line of medical/procedure carts for almost any storage and workspace use. Our lineup features Avalo emergency, treatment, med/surg, IV therapy, anesthesia, and critical care carts. Capsa’s medical supply carts feature durable construction, spacious capacity, plenty of work-saving accessories, and security options. New! Avalo medical carts are now available in convenient packages to make ordering even easier.

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Avalo Emergency Cart 1
Avalo Emergency Cart 2
Avalo Emergency Cart 3
Avalo Emergency Cart 4
Avalo Emergency Cart 5

Avalo® Emergency Cart

The Avalo Series Emergency Cart / Crash Cart provides reliable performance and promotes improved workflow in emergency departments. The breakaway locking handle offers optimal security and the simple access essential to every emergency response. Stable maneuverability is built-in to every cart and a full line of accessories enhance user efficiency and support code team performance.

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Avalo Isolation Cart 1
Avalo Isolation Cart 2
Avalo Isolation Cart 3
Avalo Isolation Cart 4

Avalo® Isolation Cart

The Avalo Isolation Cart provides ample drawer space to store and organize all of your isolation supplies, from gloves to gowns. Smooth panels, work surface, and seamless drawers promote easy cleaning for infection prevention. A wide range of accessories expands your external storage. Drawers open fully allowing easy access to contents in the rear of the drawer. Avalo’s superior design offers durable service for long-term value for your facility’s isolation cart.

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Avalo Treatment Cart 1
Avalo Treatment Cart 2
Avalo Treatment Cart 3
Avalo Treatment Cart 4

Avalo® Treatment Cart

The Avalo Series Treatment Cart offers large capacity and flexible organization for treatment supplies. Three drawer depths and seamless construction, featuring a unique integrated divider system. Our Treatment Cart includes an expansive work area, and plenty of thoughtful accessories. The durable steel frame and unique spread caster position ensure stability, while making the cart easy to move and control.

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Avalo Anesthesia Cart 1
Avalo Anesthesia Cart 2
Avalo Anesthesia Cart 3
Avalo Anesthesia Cart 4

Avalo® Anesthesia Cart

The Avalo Series Standard Anesthesia Cart combines function and technology in a medical cart to meet the unique needs of your anesthesia department. Choose from 3 lock systems to secure anesthesia supplies with options for secondary proximity access for added security. Flexible divider systems, removable drawer trays, and accessory options help organize medications and anesthesia supplies.

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Avalo Emergency Cart 6

Avalo® Cart Benefits

  • Multiple drawer depths, cart sizes and storage configurations
  • Precision-welded steel frame with durable, high-impact panels
  • Refurbishable panels
  • Spread caster position ensures stable movement
  • Choice of 3 proven lock systems to keep medications, treatments and supplies secure
  • Seamless drawer trays are easy-to-clean and feature a selection of drawer divider systems
  • Wide selection of accessories and options
  • 10-year limited warranty

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General Specifications

Standard Height: 111(h) x 61(d) x 79(w) cm

Intermediate Height: 100(h) x 61(d) x 79(w) cm

Compact Height: 91(h) x 61(d) x 79(w)cm

Drawer Specifications

Three Inch: 7.6(h) x 45(d) x 55(w) cm

Six Inch: 16(h) x 45(d) x 55(w) cm

Ten Inch: 25(h) x 45(d) x 55(w) cm

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